Aspiring to new, choose the unknown and discover some new paths of software development are the perfect ingredients to experiment the art of innovation. We are proud of having developers in our team who are bold enough to face the unknown regardless of whether is about cloud computing services, performance management of auto-scaling, API services, or SaaS products.

In the 21st of century knowledge is the new money and this is where our value relies. Knowledge is coming from the constant learning and the experience from the last 15 years since Lynx Solutions exists.

Used Technologies

Cloud Technology

Everybody is aware on the market of information technologies, that nowadays when there are so many competitor businesses out there, the need for a software infrastructure which is rapidly scalable and easily maintainable in a cost effective way is a must.

We do agree on this at Lynx Solutions as well and this is precisely why we are providing our customers the latest and greatest solutions in the cloud. From building the architecture of the infrastructure to the implementation of the software, we can build your ecosystem in Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and in Google Cloud platforms. We are providing the best solutions for your business making sure that you're having enough focus to innovate your product in the best way possible.

Our cloud experts will stay at your disposal in choosing and building the best architecture for you regardless of the size of your company. We are working with small businesses and enterprise size organizations as well, meaning that we love challenges of all shapes and sizes.


You might have heard of Blockchain Technologies, more and more businesses are starting to leverage them to streamline and secure their processes, to improve privacy, reduce costs and even gather capital for future ventures.

We provide our clients with the technical expertise required to analyze problems a business is facing and to determine if a blockchain would be a suitable and effective solutions for them.

Once a path is chosen our development team of expert will be with you every step of the way so we can provide a smooth transaction to a fully integrated Blockchain implementation.


21st century is all about mobile. The mobile phone is one of our most used devices.

Our development team uses the latest technologies available to create awesome native or cross platform mobile applications for various uses from inception to a successful product.

But, mobile does not stop at mobile phones, we can do tablet apps, apps for wearables and much much more.

We take pride in creating great mobile products here in the heart of Transylvania, because our apps solve problems not create new ones.