Since 2003, our team has not only grown to engulf more then 90 members, but we have continuously strived for creating something new instead of just offering the simplest execution of certain demands. We believe in vision, and by doing so we also offer the chance for certain voices to be heard which in other spaces wouldn’t even have the chance to prove how much they have to offer.

We treasure the power of community which we see in an intertwining way: our work community, the community we build with our partner companies and the large community we inhabit, learn from and always try to give back to. In our eyes, this triad builds one upon the other, this way every single level should be treasured and taken good care of.

Building our work community happens daily, from positive reinforcements to understanding the needs of every last member of the team. We believe in socializing outside the work spaces and this is exactly why we build lasting bonds and friendships through different kinds of activities fit for every personality type.

Our professional community builds upon trust, frequent contact and most importantly a very open type of communication focusing on the well-being of projects by always providing a transparent overview of the project’s status at any given moment.

Now, the large community which we inhabit and are an organic part of may not seem that important in regards of work but it is for us. It is where we come from, it is what shaped and still shapes us. We know that this same community is what births our next generation who will join us here at Lynx Solutions and we do our best in helping the young find their way and their best chances in life.

We know that by giving back, we are building something new, and that is the base of visions which have the power to change the world, one brick at a time.

What Our Clients Say

The service that Lynx provides is excellent and professional. The communication with them went very well and I have a very satisfied customer because of their work.

Damien Eck

Social Control NL

Lynx is a very trustworthy company to work with. Combined with their huge experience and a fine team, they can be a long term partner for you and your business.

Hans Kraaijeveld

Autofactor B.V.

Lynx Solutions is very dedicated to bring in the best service to support my business. For me it is vital to have resources available just on time without having to pay monthly salaries. This keeps my business flexible without losing competence and thus very cost efficient.

Bernhard Pichler

Informare Consulting GmbH