Open doors for open minds.

Have you ever had a question you would like to ask from a Developer, Manager or even the CEO? Maybe you wish to find out the secret of a growing business?

Here is the opportunity to do that!

Have one-on-one discussions with our colleagues, so you can find out more about our company culture, typical or non-typical work day, how an IT company operates, learn about work processes, project implementation and discover new, trending technologies.

During this you will also be able to turn your initial interest into an ambition to work with us as a trainee and beyond this with a permanent contract.

The doors are open now. Shape your future. Sign up for the Second Open Days Event and come take an exclusive, behind the scenes look at how Lynx Solutions really works!

Register until the 26th of February
Make sure you’ll be here!

Registration for Open days has now closed.

Thank you very much for your interest and don’t worry, while you could not make it this time, our doors will be open again next year.

If you wish to get in touch with us for information about our internship program or you are interested in job opportunities, you can apply here or contact our Human Resource Manager (Ferencz Réka) on the following number:
+40 738727678