We are seeking adventurous interns.

If you are an IT student and you would like to be smarter and wiser and work on real projects, you are our guy! Join our team and find out more about a programmer’s “life behind the scenes”, be a part of a company’s journey.

We will be creating with our interns software from scratch, from idea to release, working on each step of the software development cycle.

We want to add the practical training to the know-how you get from university, so if you are willing to learn and you are a responsible person please email your resume and CV to Astonish us!

As a company we are doing something different.

Registration deadline: 8th of June
Make sure you’ll be here!

Registration for Internship has now closed.

Thank you very much for your interest and don’t worry, while you could not make it this time, you can try again next year.

If you wish to get in touch with us for information about our internship program or you are interested in job opportunities, you can apply here or contact our Human Resource Manager (Ferencz Réka) on the following number:
+40 738727678